Analysis: The key points from Donald Trump's 'America First' budget announcement

President Donald Trump has unveiled details of his "America First" budget, with commitments to increase defence budgets and slash many other departments to compensate for this.

The plan includes some more information on Trump's key campaign promises such as the Mexico border wall, climate change spending and payments to the UN.

Overall there's a 0.3pc fall between the amount of funding that Trump has requested for 2018 and the 2017 figures. 

The largest cuts on cabinet departments are due to fall on State, Agriculture and Labor. Meanwhile, the Environment Protection Agency is set to lose 31.4 per cent of its funding in 2018.

These cuts make way for Trump to boost funding by nearly 10pc for defence - already by far the government's largest expenditure.

The largest single increase in funding is for the National Nuclear Security Administration, which handles "the military application of nuclear science".

An extra $54bn for the military

One of Donald Trump's key promises on the campaign trail centred around defence spending. He vowed to increase the amount the US spends on its military to increase America's standing on the world stage.

He has proposed a $54 billion increase to the defence budget, a 10pc increase compared with last year's funding.

During a meeting with state governors at the White House, Mr Trump described this increase as "historic", and pledged to "rebuild the depleted military of the United States of America at a time we most need it".


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