Lifestyle Advice

Replace fatty foods with low fat alternatives. This will help to stop your arteries narrowing, lower cholesterol and also keep your weight at a healthy level.

Try to keep your weight in the middle range – neither too high nor too low.

Keep your alcohol intake within the recommended weekly limits (or as advised by your doctor).

Eating less salt and salty foods will help you to control your blood pressure. Watch out for hidden salt in processed food, even in bread and biscuits.

The eatwell plate illustrates how you get the balanced diet right.



  • Foods flavoured with herbs, spices & lemons.
  • Fresh fish, and fish tinned in water.
  • Eggs (3–4 a week). Lean meat (chicken, turkey).
  • Small amounts of monounsaturated oils and spreads such as olive oil and rapeseed oil.
  • Cottage cheese.
  • Unsalted crackers & nuts, fresh & dried fruit.
  • Home-made soups and stocks.
  • Potatoes, pasta & rice(try brown), high fibre bread(try low salt bread).
  • Whole-grain breakfast cereals, such as porridge and unsweetened muesli.
  • Fresh/frozen vegetables, beans & lentils.



  • Salt – just use a little in cooking but not at table.
  • Fish tinned in brine and smoked fish.
  • Canned & salted meat, bacon, sausages.
  • Butter, oils, full fat spreads, cream.
  • Hard cheese (maximum of 4 oz/100g per week).
  • Crisps & dips, salted nuts, sweet biscuits.
  • Packet soups, stock cubes & sauces.
  • Chips, Pastries and cakes.
  • Sweetened or high salt cereals such as cornflakes etc.
  • Ready meals – try making meals to freeze instead

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